Restoring the Corliss Engine

The restoration of what is likely to be the only engine designed and built by George H. Corliss that is running under steam today.

Side view of the Corliss engine in Stratton, ME

This engine was installed in a mill in Stratton, Maine that made turned wood products. It ran for a long time and was only taken out of service when its cylinder head accidentally blew off.

A new cylinder head was cast by Terry Spencer of Philbrick, Booth and Spencer, Hartford, CT. Richard B. Hanson built new rectangular exhaust headers and engineered the erection of the engine and its foundation. Harold Foster aligned the engine, grouted the cylinder and main bearing, supplied and connected the heavy steam and exhaust pipes, cleaned and polished throughout. He enlisted Ed Lundwall’s help to rebuild the piston and some of the valve gear. Paul Merriam nickel welded the broken cast iron cylinder head cover with an almost invisible weld. The rigging from Stratton, ME was largely done by Jeff Berry and Bob Merriam with the important assistance of Nancy Merriam, Paul Merriam and Charles Arthur Moore.