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The museum is run by volunteers. Your generous financial help supports it. So do admissions and proceeds from museum functions. The museum is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, though it solicits no government grants. Willing private foundations, donors and helpers do it all. The directors are deeply grateful and thank everyone of you for your continued support! You can make a gift online through PayPal with a credit card, or by mailing a check to NEWSM, PO Box 883, East Greenwich RI 02818.


The work of the museum is done by volunteers. Some come every Thursday morning to maintain the collections and facilities. Some come once a year to help with Yankee Steam Up. Some have special skills that are important to running the place or restoring artifacts. Please contact us if you can help. Contact form →

Exhibit at Steam Up

Your ingenious relics–steam, gas, diesel, hot air or electric–and your exquisite models, intriguing mechanical devices, antique autos & motorcycles, steam bicycles, launches, and cars make the show. Help to make this a dynamic display with a wide variety of engineering models. See the Yankee Steam Up page for this year’s particulars, and please register ahead of time to let us know what you are bringing. Steam Up registration form →

Donate artifacts

The New England Wireless and Steam Museum appreciates offers of wireless and steam material which will enhance our collection and contribute to the mission of the museum. Our storerooms are full, and so we can only consider items that are especially important to the history of wireless and steam power, in excellent condition, and not already represented in our collection. If you are interested in donating such materials, please contact us.