1999 Spring Cleanup

Every spring a crew of volunteers wakes up the steam engines after their winter sleep. With the change of a few jackets this photo could have been taken in 1919 not 1999.  →

Fall 2014 Newsletter

"The First Steam Engine in Rhode Island" by Fred Jaggi, and an invitation to the 2014 Carol Sing.  →

Corliss Centennial Engine

This is the largest engine that the Corliss Steam Engine Company built. It was installed in the Machinery Hall of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876. The engine had a 44 inch bore, 10 foot stroke, was more than 45 feet tall, had a fifty-six ton, thirty foot diameter, twenty-four inch face flywheel, and produced 1,400 horsepower at 36 RPM.  →

A Corliss Reader

A collection of contemporary accounts of the installation and management of Corliss engines.  →

History of the De La Vergne Oil Engine

De La Vergne Oil Engine The history of the 25 HP Hornsby-Ackroyd oil engine in the museum's collections starts with its manufacture at the De La Vergne Refrigerating Machine Company's plant in the Bronx, New York, sometime after 1895.  →

Restoring the Corliss Engine

Side view of the Corliss engine in Stratton, ME The restoration of what is likely to be the only engine designed and built by George H. Corliss that is running under steam today.  →

Tinkertoy Steam-powered Launch

Steamboat Tinkertoy Ray HasBrouck built Tinkertoy in 1983-84 and donated her to the museum. His logbook describes the building of the boat and her first adventures on the water.  →