Wireless Building

Enthusiasts discuss the wireless equipment

The Wireless Building shows the span of electric communication from telegraph to TV. It features keys, sounders, crystal sets, tubes, microphones, ocean cable instruments, spark transmitters, detectors, an 1881 Dolbear receiver, an 1899 Marconi coherer, and a jigger and spark set exactly like the one used to call for help on the Titanic in 1912.

The Wireless Building includes the wireless collections of noted wireless pioneers and historians. The main ones are: Fred M. Barstow, Selwyn Niveson Blake K1CPW, Richard Brunner AA1P, Merrill Budlong W1MB, Louis Carini W1BOC, Allen D. Cardwell, Benjamin Dolbear (son of Amos Emerson Dolbear), Lloyd Espenshied, Arthur Goodnow W1DM, Nathan Hallenstein, Charles C. Harris, Herman Hollerith, Gilbert Johnson W1DZ, Walter W. Massie, Thorn L. Mayes W6AX, Robert Merriam W1NTE, Fred Penard, Jack Perry, Stu Perry W1BB, Vance Phillips W6GH, Eunice Randell W1MPP, Ed Raser W2ZI, Robert Shaw, Ken Thompson W1PS, Gerald L. K. Tyne, Charles R. Underhill, Frank Wingard W9EWH.

Wireless Building Tour

Take a tour of New England Wireless & Steam Museum’s Wireless Building (PDF) with Robert W. Merriam. The original tour was recorded on a winter day in 2012. Transcription by Craig H. Moody, K1CHM. Edited by Fred Jaggi.