Steam-Up 2010

Photos from Steam Up 2010 by Michael Thompson.

Compressed Air Table
Paul Merriam demonstrates his Payne steam engine powered saw mill.
Steam Table
The Mystic Seaport Museum brought their 1927 Hyde Windlass.
This was originally installed on the tug PEGASUS.
Triple Expansion Model
There were lots of beautiful models on display at the Air Table.

Alex Karnes demonstrates his steam boat model.

I should have put something next to this engine so that you could see just how small it really is. The total height is about an inch. It really runs!

Two of the four Coles Corliss models built by John V. McDivitt, now owned by Gil Garceau.

An interesting “Rube Goldberg” model.

A beautiful Walking Beam engine model.

Dave Bono shows his models.

A very nice Compound Marine Engine model.

A beautiful day for Steam-Up.

Jim Paquette shows his mill engine from an unknown maker.

Alex Karnes, one of our young volunteers, gets interviewed by Martha Swetzoff of RISD.
Chase Shingle Machine
A Ford model A engine powers this Chase shingle mill.
Rilf Richter Models
Rolf Richter explains the boiler, steam engine, alternator, and Ferris Wheel models that he made.
Dean Seder brought his 668 cubic inch, 225 HP, W670-9A Continental Engine.
This design of engine was used to power both aircraft and tanks.
Steam-Up Entrance
Nick Lozzi shows his 2 1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson Vertical Frost Proof engine.
Dave Robie shows his collection of small steam engines.
He is getting ready to retire and would like to sell his complete steam engine collection.
Palmer Brothers
A Palmer Brothers Engine
Byron & Linda Steger describe their Belle Isle and Detroit Engines.

Scott Noseworthy discusses the antique marine engines from the Antique Marine Expo.

Lots of very nice models!

Ed Howard and his Baxter Patent Colt engine.

The New England Model Engineering Society.

Tom Harris shows his
small engine models and his hit-and-miss engine powered tractor.


Antique Cars.

A very nice steam boat.

Dave’s marketplace provided lunch.