Terry Steam Turbine Engine

This turbine was manufactured at Terry Steam Turbine, Hartford, Connecticut, in 1906. It was originally purchased by Meriden Gas Works in Meriden, CT to drive a No. 7 Sturtevant blower. The turbine wheel is helical, or tangential flow type, which is commonly described as the “Terry Solid Wheel”.

After serving at Meriden Gas Works, the unit was transferred to the University of Hartford Engineering Lab in Hartford. Here is was utilized both for laboratory experiments and operational instruction until 1972, when it was again acquired by Terry. This unit has seen almost 66 years of operation and, according to Terry records, received its first set of spare bearings in 1968.

A similar unit is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. The wooden base sustained some damage during transfer from the University of Hartford to Terry, and has been reconstructed, using the original wood where possible. Other than basic cleaning and ‘polishing the brass’, the unit remains untouched, and we believe it is covered by its original paint.