The Torpedo of St. Yvon

How the only Nazi bomb to hit North America in WW II nearly got me.

St. Yvon and the Gaspé Peninsula

“Millions of people were killed in WW II and frightful damage was done; but only one Nazi bomb hit North America, and that was in a faraway corner of Quebec. It was a peculiar bomb, and by chance I happened to be near.

“In September 1942 U boats were sinking our ships faster than we could build them. I was between freshman and sophomore years at Harvard working at the Liberty Shipyard in Providence, R.I., often with twelve hour days and six day weeks trying to build Liberty ships faster than the Nazi subs could sink them. When fall term was near I decided to take a break and travel north on my old motorcycle to visit school chums and cousins.”

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Indian motorcycle

St. Yvon torpedo