New York Safety Steam Power Co. / Nichols & Langworthy Machine Co.

New York Safety Steam Power Company was incorporated in 1869 and had a sales office at 30 Cortlandt St. in New York City. Its steam engines
were manufactured by Nichols and Langworthy in Hope Valley, RI.

The Nichols & Langworthy factore in Hope Valley, RI. The first three floors of the tower and the left half of the building are still standing.

N.Y.S.S.P.Co. sold both vertical “bottle” and horizontal engines. The
term “bottle” refers to the shape of the main casting on the vertical engines. The company’s first “bottle engines” were designed by Stephen Wilcox and won a prize at the Paris Machinery Exhibition.

Advertisement for N.Y.S.S.P.Co. vertical engines from 1884.

New York Safety Steam Power
From the Providence Directory, 1889

457,211 Balanced Slide Valve, August 4, 1891
527,503 Steam-Engine Governor, October 16, 1894
537,223 Governor for Steam-Engines, April 9, 1895