Steam-Up 2011

Photos and videos from Steam-Up 2011 by Michael Thompson.

Nick & Lisa Lozzi
Nick & Lisa Lozzi showed their 1 1/4 HP Fuller & Johnson and a 3 HP Saxon.

Karl Ekdahl and his 1880 Ames Iron Works 7"x10" Steam Engine
Karl Ekdahl and his 1880 Ames Iron Works 7″x10″ Steam Engine.

Dave Harper's incredibly detailed logging winch model
Dave Harper’s incredibly detailed logging winch model.

Steam Engine Models
A very nice selection of engine models.

Jim Paquette shows his New York Safety Steam Engine.

A Whizzer Motorized Bicycle.
Fred Sauerbrey’s 1949 Whizzer motorbike. These motor kits were popular in the 40s and 50s. They actually started making these kits again in 1998.

Harley Davidson
A Harley Davidson Flat Head

Antique Cars
Antique Chevy and Caddy.

The Steamboat Corgi.
The Steamboat Corgi, designed and built by Lee Burgess.

The museum volunteers, ?, Gerald Weinstein, ?, and Nancy Merriam selling food tickets.
Our thanks go to Dave’s marketplace for providing lunch.