Steam-Up 2009

We had a very wet Steam-Up this year. Even with the rain the usual die-hard exhibitors and enthusiasts were here. Photos by Michael Thompson.

Compressed Air Table
The Compressed Air Table
Steam Table
Engine models on the steam table.
Triple Expansion Model
Gerald Weinstein (left) shows his triple-expansion tug boat steam engine model.
Chase Shingle Machine
Chase Shingle Machine
Tom Boyden (left) operates a Chase shingle machine that is powered by a Ford model A engine.
Rolf Richter Models
Rolf Richter (rear right) explains the boiler, steam engine, and Ferris Wheel models that he made.
Rachel Isbell Branch operates the Massie Wireless transmitter. Her great uncle, Arthur Abner Isbell “IAA”, operated this same wireless station in 1906.
Steam-Up Entrance
The soggy entrance to Steam-Up.
Dave’s marketplace provided lunch
The boiler crew did their best to stay dry.