Steam-Up 2008

Photos and video from the 2008 Original Yankee Steam-Up.

The exhibitor area.

Colin Leath (left) with a visitor in the Massie Building.

A J.H.Paine&Son, Reversing Engine, Boston, Ca. 1881. From the Mystic Seaport Museum
Photo by David Emond

More engines from the Mystic Seaport Museum
Foreground: Stewart, Walking Beam, Watt Motion Model, Ca, 1940
Background: Christian Brothers, Doctor Pump Engine, Ca. 1903
Right: Herreshoff Manufacturing, Bristol RI, Ca. 1875
Photo by David Emond

In the Steam Building looking through the flywheel of the older Harris. The Granger is on the left and the Herreshoff is behind it. The older Armington Sims is on the right, then the Greene, and then the newer Harris.

Robert Merriam demonstrates the starting procedure of the Improved Greene Engine.
Photo by David Emond

Scott Noseworthy’s 1912 12HP Gray on the left and 1915 3 HP Caille Five Speed on the Right.
Both engines were built by the Caille Perfection Motor Company in Detroit, MI.

Ron Ginger and his models.

A beautiful model of a radial aircraft engine.

You actually built all of these models? Photo by David Emond.

A big radial aircraft engine. Yikes, it was loud! Photo by David Emond.

An Indian and a Harley.

A Harley, an Indian Trike, a Moto Guzzi and a BSA

Time for lunch!

One of the model tables.
More Models! Photo by David Emond

Larnie Shaw shows the wooden tugboat model that he built in 1934. It was modified in 1990 an is now radio controlled.

The Buffalo-Springfield sports a new roof.

Paul Merriam’s saw mill attracts a crowd.

Paul Merriam’s (far left) new project, a Day-Elder truck. The front part of this truck began life as a Providence bus.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs courtesy of Michael Thompson.