Thomson Incandescent Dynamo, 1883

Thomson-Houston generator

This Thomson-Houston Electric Company generator was delivered to the Hartford Electric Light Company in 1883. The generator, which could power 28 lights, was connected to an Armington & Sims Engine Company steam engine.

The engine and generator were donated to the NEWSM by the Connecticut Light and Power Company in 1999. The generator was restored and connected to a power panel. By throwing a few switches you can disconnect lights in the Merriam Steam Building from the grid and connect them to this generator.

In the book “Power Makers” by retired University of Rhode Island professor Maury Klein there is a section on Thomson and Houston. Read more…

Thomson-Houston became a part of General Electric when several companies were merged to form General Electric by J. P. Morgan.

The Patents mentioned on the nameplate were all issued to Elihu Thomson of New Britain CT.

  • 232781      9/2/1879
  • 233047    10/5/1880
  • 265396    10/11/1882
  • 333 573    1/5/1886