A Corliss Reader

A collection of contemporary accounts of the installation and management of Corliss engines.

seward title page
William Seward’s description of the Corliss valve gear in the Sickles v. Corliss patent case, 1853. From the Hathi Trust.
The steam engine as it was and as it is
The steam engine as it was, and as it is, 1857. Published by the Corliss Steam Engine Co. From the Hathi Trust.
The Engineer, 1899, vol. 36, pp. 255-274
The Construction and Operation of Corliss Engines, from The Engineer, vol. 36, 1899, pp. 255-274.
The Corliss Engine and Its Management
The Corliss Engine and Its Management, 1904, by John T. Henthorn and Charles D. Thurber. From the Hathi Trust.
Practical directions for marking and adjusting the Corliss valve gear
Practical Directions for Marking and Adjusting the Corliss Valve Gear, 1908, by H. H. Kelley. From the Hathi Trust.
How to Run a Corliss Engine from Audels engineers and mechanics guide, 1921. From Google Books.
Hand Book of Corliss Steam Engines, 1898. By F. W. Shillitto, Jr. From Google Books.
Compound Corliss Engines, 1903
Compound Corliss Engines, 1903, by James Tribe. From Survivor Library.