Providence Engineering Works, Inc.

373 (521) South Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Manufacturers of Rice & Sargent and Improved Greene Steam Engines. The company was founded on March 28, 1899 by merging the Providence Steam Engine Company and the Rice and Sargent Company.

Providence Engineering Works employed 350 machinists at the time of its founding.  The company built tractors and parts for Maxwell Motor Cars after the decline of the steam engine industry. The company was liquidated in 1955 and the complex was bought by the New England Butt Company, a division of the Wanskuck Company.

The engraving above shows the north-east side of the factory (adjacent
to I-195) in Providence, RI. I visited the site in March of 2001 which
is now called Corliss Landing. Whoever created the engraving took a lot
of artistic license because the building is actually much smaller than

The photograph above shows the north-west side of the factory and was
taken at the turn of the century. Rowe Design Group converted the building into mixed residential, retail, and office space. The crane at the right was used to install marine steam engines and dates from the civil war. The crane building is now The Hot Club at 575 South Water Street. The image below is an overhead view of the building from 1995.