Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was formed in Bristol, RI in 1878 by John Brown Herreshoff and Nathanael Green Herreshoff.

Nathanael Herreshoff, a graduate of MIT, worked for the Corliss Steam Engine Company from 1869 to 1879. Nathanael Herreshoff also worked on the design of the Corliss engine that powered the Machinery Hall at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. The company produced marine steam engines, torpedo boats, ferries, racing and cruising sail boats, and America’s Cup racing yachts.

578,697 Steam Engine, March 9, 1897
605,786 Steam Boiler, June 14, 1898
986,982 Steam Engine, March 14, 1911

The Museum has a running Herreshoff triple-expansion engine and other small engines.