Armington & Sims Engine Co.

Armington & Sims letterhead-late Armington & Sims produced high-speed piston valve steam engines. The Rites governor that was used on these engines responded to the changing speed of the engine as well as the rate of change in the speed. This caused to engine to have very accurate speed control, even with large load changes. Thomas Edison used these engines for his Pearl Street power plant because the excellent speed control would not let the lights flicker when the load changed.  →

Baxter Steam Engine Co.

Baxter engine Baxter Steam Engines were designed by William Baxter. Many were built under contract by the Colt Fire Arms factory in Hartford CT.  →

Granger Foundry and Machine Co.

The company was originally known as the Cove Foundry & Machine Company with William Smith Granger as treasurer (1866). The company was renamed and incorporated as the Granger Foundry & Machine Company on May 31, 1877.  →

William A. Harris Steam Engine Co.

Harris engine A large part of the machinery and tools at the company were invented and made especially for manufacturing stationary engines from 20 to 2,000 horse-power. The establishment is capable of turning out half a million dollars' worth of merchandise annually, which is shipped to all parts of the United States, and to Cuba, Mexico and Spain.  →

Providence Engineering Works, Inc.

373 (521) South Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Manufacturers of Rice & Sargent and Improved Greene Steam Engines. The company was founded on March 28, 1899 by merging the Providence Steam Engine Company and the Rice and Sargent Company.  →

Providence Steam Engine Company

Sole Builders of the Improved Greene Engine. Stationary and Marine Boilers, Sheet-iron Work, Etc., Rathbone Gardner, President; Wm. B. Waterman, Treasurer; T. W. Phillips, Secretary and Gen'l Manager; Nos. 373 to 379 South Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island.  →

Rice & Sargent Engine Company

Richard Henry Rice and John Warren Sargent formed the Rice & Sargent Engine Company in 1895. Their engines were originally built by the Builder's Iron Foundry in Providence, RI. Later engines were built by the Providence Engineering Works.  →

Shipman Engine Export Co.

"These engines are made from 1 to 8 horse power, and are simple, efficient and economical. They are desirable above all other small power engines, because you can be your own engineer and fireman; they are economical in the use of fuel, automatic in their water and fuel supply, and consume only the amount of fuel required for the power taken."  →

B.F. Sturtevant Co.

"Sole manufacturers of the Sturtevant Blowers. Exhaust fans, steam hot blast apparatus, steam engines, portable forges, etc."  →