The Hoag Engine Runs at Last

Photo 4. The restored Hoag engine. A horizontal, double-acting engine purchased on Ebay that was built by Harry James Hoag, Jr. provided an interesting challenge to me in trying to get it running again.  →

A Handy Miniature Mill Vise

Miniature mill vise I wasn’t aware of any suitable size mill vises that I could purchase so I decided to design and build my own – a mini-mill vise with ¾” wide jaws by about ¼” deep.  →

Tinkertoy Steam-powered Launch

Steamboat Tinkertoy Ray HasBrouck built Tinkertoy in 1983-84 and donated her to the museum. His logbook describes the building of the boat and her first adventures on the water.  →

Restoring a Small Trunk Engine

A view of the trunk engine restored The engine shown was purchased on eBay in 2009. When it arrived I was delighted to see the detailed machining and was intrigued by the dual rotary valve arrangement where one valve controls the direction of rotation and the other controls steam into the single-acting cylinder.  →

Restoring Two Model Engines

Photo 10. Restored vertical engine with the bronze flywheel and the horizontal engine. In general there are two classes of toy steam engines: oscillators built of folded and welded sheet metal, and those that are double acting with slide valves and include cast and machined components.  →