Almond Right-angle Drive

A noiseless right-angle drive built by the Almond Company based on patents from 1881 and 1884. It changes the direction of the motion by 90 degrees without the use of gears. The transmission is intended to be mounted on a ceiling so that it does not take up floor space. Thomas R. Almond (1855-1906) started … Continue reading "Almond Right-angle Drive"  →

Bigelow Boiler Doors

A circular boiler door frame labeled “Bigelow Two Pass Boiler” and two half-circle doors each with a “TBCo.” monogram.    →

Boiler Feed Pump

This boiler feed pump forced water into the boiler at Shady Lea Mill, Lafayette, RI.  →

Bundy Return Trap

A Bundy return trap made by Nashua Machine Co. Marked "Littlefield's patents" and "No. 10".  →

Kendall Boiler Doors

A circular boiler door and frame labeled “Edward Kendall & Sons/ Charles River Iron Works/ Cambridgeport Mass.”  →

Lombard Hydraulic Governor

This Lombard Governor controlled the speed of the hydraulic turbine of the Arctic Mill on the south branch of the Pawtuxet. This one is a gift of Warren Galkin who replaced it with a modern cross flow turbine driving an alternator which pumps electricity into the grid.  →

Mason Boiler Feed Pump

A simplex boiler feed pump made by the Mason Regulator Co. of Boston, marked "Patented June 26, [18]94" and "Size 4."  →

Sargent Governor

This Sargent governor was built for a Rice & Sargent engine by the Providence Engineering Works, Providence, RI.  →