Compound Launch Steam Engine

Compound Launch Engine Possibly a Herreshoff Engine. Possibly used in a U.S. Navy Launch. History includes time in engineering labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the University of Rhode Island.  →

Corliss Steam Engine, 1892

This engine was designed by George Henry Corliss and built by his Corliss Steam Engine Company. The unique Corliss valve gear made this engine more efficient than others and the design was widely copied. We believe this is the only engine built by the Corliss Steam Engine Company that is running under steam today. This … Continue reading "Corliss Steam Engine, 1892"  →

De La Vergne Oil Engine

This 1896 De La Vergne oil engine is the same as that used to power the Marconi transmitters on Cape Cod Massachusetts in 1902. It is similar to a Diesel but depends on the heat of a large combustion chamber to ignite the air/fuel mixture, not high compression. It has fuel injection that sprays oil … Continue reading "De La Vergne Oil Engine"  →

Granger Steam Engine, c. 1870

Granger Foundry and Machine steam engine This V engine was built about 1870 by the Granger Foundry and Machine Company in Providence, RI. It was used to power cloth printing machines. Because the engine has cylinders offset by 90 degrees, it starts with the crankshaft in any position.  →

Improved Greene Engine, 1897

Improved Greene Engine The Improved Greene Engine Automatic Cut-Off engine was designed by Noble Tuckerman Greene and built by the Providence Steam Engine Company, 373 South Main St., Providence, RI. This 17″ X 36″ 150 Horse Power engine was installed in the Rhode Island Cardboard Company, 163 Exchange St, Pawtucket, RI in 1897. It was used to manufacture … Continue reading "Improved Greene Engine, 1897"  →

Harris Steam Engine, 1892

This engine was designed and built by the William A. Harris Steam Engine Company, corner of Park and Promenade Streets, Providence, RI. William A. Harris was the plant superintendant at the Corliss Steam Engine Company until 1869, when the Corliss patent ran out. He then started his own company using the Corliss valve design. This … Continue reading "Harris Steam Engine, 1892"  →

Harris Steam Engine, 1911

This William A. Harris engine has a 16″ bore and 30″ stroke. It has a Tangye bed and Brown valve gear. This engine was first installed in a shoe factory in Brockton, MA in 1911. During the depression of the 1930s it was sold to the National Laundry in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The engine was re-erected … Continue reading "Harris Steam Engine, 1911"  →

Sears, Roebuck Kenwood Vertical Steam Engine

This Kenwood engine was sold through the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog. It was used as a teaching engine in a Fall River, MA trade school. The engine was originally sold as a package with an attached boiler. You can find it in the catalog page below as catalog number 32K4808 it sold for $116.75.  →

Sturtevant Steam Engine

A 25 H.P. coal stoker engine built by the B. F. Sturtevant Company of Boston about 1910. It was installed in the Brown & Sharpe plant in Providence, Rhode Island.  →

Terry Steam Turbine Engine

This turbine was manufactured at Terry Steam Turbine, Hartford, Connecticut, in 1906. It was originally purchased by Meriden Gas Works in Meriden, CT to drive a No. 7 Sturtevant blower. The turbine wheel is helical, or tangential flow type, which is commonly described as the “Terry Solid Wheel”.  →